A documentary on the Portuguese of Brussels

BRUSSELS is a city undergoing a radical transformation. Today, two thirds of its population are of foreign descent. If you want to understand this city, and what it can become, you have to know its many communities – from the inside.

Of late, it has become fashionable to talk of Brussels as a “Mediterranean city”. And with reason, in view of the high number of residents of Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish and Italian descent. But there are also the Portuguese, who are the city’s link to the Atlantic Ocean. Not only in a figurative, but also in a quite literal way. The air route between Brussels and Lisbon is heavily flown. There is the yearly return of migrants for the summer holidays, and more and more Portuguese live between both countries. No nationality, says Paris based French-Portuguese sociologist Albano Cordeiro, is as mobile within Europe as the Portuguese.

In our magbook LUSOBELGAE, for the first time, the PORTUGUESE OF BRUSSELS tell their stories.

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