We are color blind

“It’s quite fun to live in South Africa nowadays”, says Mendi Pantsi. We interviewed her when she was in Stellenbosch for the ‘Woordfees’: a yearly event that focuses on the Afrikaans language, one of the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa. She’s a Khosa, and its ‘click’ language is her mother tongue. She also speaks Afrikaans and English.
In this video, she talks about her very mixed country where people use English as the lingua franca, as no other language is understood by all of South Africa’s 50 million inhabitants. She testifies about South Africa after the Apartheid regime, and about the way the Rainbow Nation deals with itself. Like Mendi says: “There are problems, but we end up being adorable towards each other”. Seems like the Rainbow narrative works.


(text and picture by Veerle Devos)

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