Sugar Mummies In Mombasa

Kenyans have swag. You get swag through a certain way of dressing, moving and talking. This girl must be swaga bala, that means she has a very good quality of swag.

She lives in Mtwapa, a town some 20 kilometres north of Mombasa on the way to Malindi. Reffered to as Sin City by mostly mzungu’s, white people, it is a string of bars and clubs that is alive during the day and even more so during the night. In Casuarina, one of the oldest clubs, the average white age is at least 60, the black one hardly 20.

Wrinkles are money, ugly is money, fat is money.

She’s not interested in the ‘white tribe’, the most ridiculous name the newly stuck white Europeans have given themselves. A lot of her male friends do look for old white sugarmamma’s, in bars, clubs, on the beaches, by the road and on facebook (

As long as they are both happy, people say.

As long as the sugarmamma’s prefer the love of young –

As long as the boys prefer the love of money –

The girl will find it hard to get herself a preferred one.

(text & picture by Charlie Bland)



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