To dare is not an option


In this video journalist Mário Alves talks about questions many Portuguese worry about in these times of crisis. I had a drink with him at the fabulous Miradouro of Adamastor in Lisbon.

In his opinion his fellow Portuguese should dare a bit more like in the old days in order to find a way out of the actual crisis and the collective depression; he witnesses how Brazilian migrants are going back home now that things are going tough in Portugal; and he talks about the effects of immigration in general.

Mário Alves is the coordinator of the Centro InterculturaCidade in Lisbon – a community space that supports immigrants, mainly from Portugal’s former colonies, and that brings people from different cultural backgrounds together around music, art, food, and many other good things in life. The events of the Centro InterculturaCidade, on Friday and Saturday evenings, are an antidote to the negativity the current crisis brings over Portugal.

(text, picture and video by Veerle Devos)

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