A love for the city


Live, from New York, the city whose landmarks are famous all over the world, a world center for shipping, transportation, communications, finance, fashions and above all entertainment. A city that pulsates always because of the millions of people who live here, work here, visit here. (…)

This mantra outspoken by Howard Cosell in 1974 to announce the arrival of Frank Sinatra in Madison Square Garden in New York City, is the most beautiful and outstandig declaration of love for a city I know. It’s a whirling dance, a show to celebrate life itself and the city in particular. Uninhibited sparkling enthusiasm reflecting the authentic powerful character of New York. Of the CITY.

The city as – among others – a concept of coexistence between people of heterogeneous backgrounds, is particularly interesting. One of the oldest known cities is Ur, in ancient Mesopotamia, present Southern Iraq, dating back circa 4000 BC.

picture of the ruins of UR, made by M. Lubinski

Since 2007, and for the first time in world history, more people live in cities than ever before in history. Every week, seven million new people arrive in cities worldwide. They come from all over and have different ages, gender, eating habits, beliefs, ethnicity, sorrows, desires… This constant flood of new urban citizens causes great problems and opens up equally great possibilities. Will a new kind of etiquette automatically evolve? What will be the psychological effect of this diversity? And how will this mixture invite us to communicate in a different way? This kind of transformations that are currently taking place in our cities all over the world, are challenging interesting.


(text by Veerle Devos)


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