TTIP or not


Europe and America are set to sign a secret treaty called ‪TTIP‬ that will severely damage our quality of life. We would all vote against it, were it not that we are disallowed from doing so … Since there is no other way to influence the decision, the citizens movement against TTIP relies on the media to translate its concerns and to call for action. Because OUR encourages critical thinking, we are happily sharing this message and asking our readers to please become informed and to undertake action if you think you should. Because what is decided will effect our lives, our cities, our companies, and our quality of life. We spoke about TTIP with Pierre Jadot, co-founder of ‪#‎OrNot‬, an independent citizens initiative based in Brussels
TTIP, or not TTIP – that is the question. You can sign the online petition here and read more about TTIP here

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