Cleaning Istanbul for the white Turks

The movie Wonderland (2013) by Halil Altindere shows a rappers’ protest against the government’s urban transformation project and gentrification in Sulukule, threatening its cultural heritage and destroying inhabitants’ lives. The movie was on view in ‎MoMAPS1‬ in New York.

Since several years … Read the rest

TTIP or not


Europe and America are set to sign a secret treaty called ‪TTIP‬ that will severely damage our quality of life. We would all vote against it, were it not that we are disallowed from doing so … Since there … Read the rest

Brussels, city in transition

IMG_9283Brussels, until recently the flaking and run-down Belgian capital, became a small metropolis over the past 20 years. The demographics changed so radically here that according to recent research only 32.1% of the Brussels population still has (deep) Belgian Read the rest

A love for the city


Live, from New York, the city whose landmarks are famous all over the world, a world center for shipping, transportation, communications, finance, fashions and above all entertainment. A city that pulsates always because of the millions of people who

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To dare is not an option


In this video journalist Mário Alves talks about questions many Portuguese worry about in these times of crisis. I had a drink with him at the fabulous Miradouro of Adamastor in Lisbon.

In his opinion his fellow Portuguese should … Read the rest

A different kind of architect

“I believe architects can change the world by building good, sustainable, human architecture”, says Burkina Faso-born architect Francis Kéré. He builds both in the West and in Africa. We interviewed him in the gardens of wine estate Babylonstoren near … Read the rest

Homo Ludens in Korail slum, Bangladesh

In the center of Dhaka, there is Korail: the Bengali capital’s largest and longest-standing informal settlement of between 40.000 and 100.000 poor people who came to occupy the brackish ground more than 20 years ago. They work in the … Read the rest

Terrorism or discrimination?

Mindanao is the second largest of the 7107 islands which together form the Philippines. Five percent of the population here is Muslim, a small minority in the Catholic Philippines.

Islamic resistance movements oppose harsh discrimination with armed conflict, murder, Read the rest

Drop the masks

“It is like always carrying a part of home with me”, Jacinta smiles, while showing me one of the colourful handmade masks she sells in the streets of Los Angeles. Jacinta is from Mexico, and even though she … Read the rest

Sugar Mummies In Mombasa

Kenyans have swag. You get swag through a certain way of dressing, moving and talking. This girl must be swaga bala, that means she has a very good quality of swag.

She lives in Mtwapa, a town some 20 kilometres … Read the rest

Still a landing place

On the other side of Butterworth lays the island of Penang, so called culinary hotspot of Malaysia. Butterworth was established as a landing place for Georgetown, the capital of Penang and the second most populated city of the country. It … Read the rest

Slavs and Tatars

Artist Kasia Korczak, 34, from Poland, has been living in Brussels for two and a half years, after having lived in Paris, London and Arnhem. With her art collective Slavs and Tatars she explores Eurasia and presents her findings in … Read the rest

We are color blind

“It’s quite fun to live in South Africa nowadays”, says Mendi Pantsi. We interviewed her when she was in Stellenbosch for the ‘Woordfees’: a yearly event that focuses on the Afrikaans language, one of the 11 official languages spoken … Read the rest

How to survive Kinshasa?

How to survive the inconveniences of daily life in Kinshasa, DR Congo? And we’re not talking about little stuff, either: power cuts every few hours; no paycheck for months on end; a constant risk of catching malaria; corrupt civil servants … Read the rest

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