To dare is not an option


In this video journalist Mário Alves talks about questions many Portuguese worry about in these times of crisis. I had a drink with him at the fabulous Miradouro of Adamastor in Lisbon.

In his opinion his fellow Portuguese should … Read the rest

A different kind of architect

“I believe architects can change the world by building good, sustainable, human architecture”, says Burkina Faso-born architect Francis Kéré. He builds both in the West and in Africa. We interviewed him in the gardens of wine estate Babylonstoren near … Read the rest

Homo Ludens in Korail slum, Bangladesh

In the center of Dhaka, there is Korail: the Bengali capital’s largest and longest-standing informal settlement of between 40.000 and 100.000 poor people who came to occupy the brackish ground more than 20 years ago. They work in the … Read the rest

Terrorism or discrimination?

Mindanao is the second largest of the 7107 islands which together form the Philippines. Five percent of the population here is Muslim, a small minority in the Catholic Philippines.

Islamic resistance movements oppose harsh discrimination with armed conflict, murder, Read the rest

Drop the masks

“It is like always carrying a part of home with me”, Jacinta smiles, while showing me one of the colourful handmade masks she sells in the streets of Los Angeles. Jacinta is from Mexico, and even though she … Read the rest

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