OUR brings together the diverse expertise of multi-skilled city aficionados living in various cities in the world – from Singapore or New Orleans over Lisbon or Paris to Istanbul or Brussels.

OUR is a network of historians, journalists, researchers, photographers, movie makers, curious people, city freaks. OUR cooperates with local writers, photographers, web designers, map makers, urban scientists, guides, location hunters, visual artists. They share an unadulterated curiosity for cites, people, societies, culture and genuine communication. They have their wonderment and urge to explore in common, and like to share their passions with you.

Veerle Devos (aka ‘Vos’)
Historian, journalist, writer, based in Brussels (Belgium) and Lisbon (Portugal). Published the magbook Lusobelgae and various articles for magazines and newspapers. Is currently working on new publications about Turkish musicians and Congolese contemporary artists, and on a travel guide about Portugal. She founded Use-It, a succesful international vade mecum for young urban travellers, and the Office for Urban Reporting. She has been writing since 2005 for DAMNºmagazine and launched Lisboneye, a tailor-made travel service for curious visitors. Vos communicates in Dutch, French, English and Portuguese.

Yves Callewaert
A globally recognized, award-winning Belgian photographer and movie director who, after a decade in London and Los Angeles, happily relocated to Lisbon (Portugal), where he launched himself as a freelancer in the advertising world. He established his own photo studio in Lisbon from where he develops his multiple projects both to the Portuguese and to the international markets. Yves is currently preparing a photo book about Portugal with OUR, to be launched in September 2015. Yves communicates in Dutch, French, English and Portuguese.

Benitha Vlok
Documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Cape Town (South-Afrika). Benitha’s main interest lies in culture, art & people driven stories. She has traveled extensively between South Africa, UK, America & Europe. She worked as a photographer and a director for OUR in Kinshasa (DRC). Benitha communicates in English and Afrikaans.

José Fernandes
Portuguese photographer based in New Orleans (USA) with an as artistic as anthropological focus on people. José worked with OUR in Portugal, Brussels and Turkey. Apart of that, he has collaborated to various books and published in international magazines like DAMN°, Monument, Tribe, and some travel mags, and presents his work at José Fernandes Photo. José communicates in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Italian.

Geert Devos
Graduated archeologist, travel guide and anthropologist by experience. Born in Belgium but currently based in Istanbul (Turkey). He works with OUR in Turkey and Brussels to prepare a magbook on Turkish musicians. He’s currently setting up an agriturismo project in central Anatolia. He published various scientific articles about his archeological research. He travelled most of the Balkans, Turkey and the Middle East. Geert communicates in Dutch, French, English and Turkish.

Karel Blondeel (aka Charlie Bland)
Historian, copywriter, health researcher, moving between Ghent (Belgium) and Geneva (Switzerland). Is predominantly working on sexual health as a broad core concept to human well being in which the urban setting has a primordial role on the intersection of challenges and opportunities. He has been writing concise contributions to OUR that reflect on mental expressions of internalised urbanisation. Charlie communicates in Dutch, French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Benjamin Ball
Copywriter and entrepreneur based in Ghent (Belgium). Has been all over, loves surfing and city dwelling. Owner of YourCoach, a successful communications and coaching company. Benjamin communicates in Dutch, French, English and Spanish.

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