OUR TRAVEL Let us show you our city!

Travel with OUR for a genuinely different experience.

Are you fed up with the typical tourist trail? Do you want to get in touch with the real vibes of a city? Are you curious about those extraordinary citizens who make their city what it is, in their own special way? Would you like to feel the pulse of cities, to experience first-hand how they’re changing?

OUR TRAVEL is definitively something for you. We show you the story behind the façade of the city. Not just tourist hot spots and historic city centers. We focus on the city as it is today, and the interesting people that inhabit it.

We have tours running in 3 cities: Lisbon, Istanbul and Brussels. But that’s just the start! Pretty soon you’ll be able to dissect more cities with us.

1. – Lisbon, City of many Faces

Lisbon, once the wealthy capital of an empire, is now a nostalgic metropolis struggling to survive. What is contemporary Lisbon becoming, with its economic problems, its mix of kitchens, its migrants from former colonies, its vibrant cultural life, its growing gab between rich and poor? Who wants more than the postcard experience will discover the real Lisbon of today, and of tomorrow. OUR takes you to all the hidden places where the real contemporary Lisbon is happening. Discover the city in a unique way, getting to know it’s different faces. From Lisbon, city of nostalgics to Lisbon, city of gourmets.

Visit Lisboneye website for more information on our Lisbon tours.


2. – Istanbul, a future megacity

With its estimated 14 million inhabitants, the Ottoman tiger is a fast growing megacity. Its future is bright, be it not for every citizen. The gab between rich and poor is becoming bigger than ever, and urban renewal is sweeping away everybody who’s considered to be a dropout: all those who don’ belong to the middle class, the so called ‘white Turks’. Since the city is getting rid of its socially mixed population that makes it so fascinating and irresistible, now is the right moment to discover the human diversity of Istanbul that might disappear!


3. – Brussels, a small world capital

Brussels, util recently the flaking and run-down Belgian capital, became a small metropolis over the past 20 years. The demographics changed so radically here that according to recent research only 32.1% of the Brussels population still has (deep) Belgian roots, amongst 170 other nationalities. All in all, with its 1.1 million inhabitants, Brussels is a ‘small world city’. Over hte next 10 years the city expects to receive another 150,000 extra people while the Belgo-Belgians are expected to dwindle further. It’s the right moment to explore this vibrant city in transition.


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